Digital Marketing in Simple Words


Digital marketing in Simple Words is a handy book by Hamed Safari, a well-known digital marketer, and entrepreneur. He has tried to explain and cover all subjects related to digital marketing from A to Z in literally simple words.


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“Digital Marketing in Simple Words” By Hamed Safari

Digital Marketing in Simple Words is a handy textbook written by Hamed Safari founders of Growces Digital Marketing Agency, a well-known and experienced digital marketer. He has tried to explain and cover all related subjects to digital marketing in a fluent and intelligible way by presenting real-world examples of his own projects.

If you hear the term “Digital Marketing” nowadays a lot and wonder what it is, this book can help you learn about it.

Who Should Read This Book?

Digital Marketing in Simple Words is for anyone who wants to learn digital marketing straightforwardly. We recommend reading this book mainly to all interested in digital marketing but don’t know where to start and novice digital marketers. Moreover, experienced digital marketers can also enjoy this book to increase their knowledge and experience.

What Will You learn by Reading This Book?

This book covers all of the essential digital marketing topics such as :

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Local SEO, Website Design, and many other topics. You will learn the principles of digital marketing by reading it. You will be able to define strategies and digital marketing projects. More importantly, you can learn about your favorite topics in detail. This book helps you place your field of interest in Digital Marketing and pursue it more courageously.




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