Who is Hamed Safari ?

Hamed Safari is a young and successful Azerbaijanian-American author and Growces Digital Marketing Agency digital marketer, and entrepreneur who has established several prosperous businesses in the United States. 


Hamed Safari has published “Digital Marketing in Simple Words,” which has gained several admirers from famous digital marketers. In his book, Hamed has tried to cover all digital marketing topics and explain them fluently.


His famous digital marketing company “Growces” is one of the best digital marketing agencies in the country. Since 2020, Hamed and his team in Growces have helped over 100 companies to increase their brand awareness through digital marketing practices. Having a highlighted background in the tech world and entrepreneurship combined with his valuable knowledge of digital marketing, Hamed Safari has presented the most successful digital marketing case studies so far.


Hamed is the owner of Uniqop, a company that provides Asian food groceries through online platforms. Although there are a number of online supermarkets in the United States, none of them offer Asian food groceries. To fill this void, Hamed founded Uniqop, which quickly became very popular among the Asian community in the USA. According to a majority of people, Uniqop was a lifesaver during the pandemic.


Hamed has co-founded another company that provides useful handyman services all over the United States. eenzy, with several branches all over the country, provides useful handyman services through online platforms. eenzy has a great technical and digital marketing team that is led by Hamed Safari.


Hamed’s first startup experience in the United States goes back to 2018, when he founded Jarchi. Jarchi is a listing system that has over 6000 active users so far. 


Hamed’s prosperous work projects are not limited to his companies in the USA; back in his motherland, he successfully established the first Uber clone startup in a metropolitan city and accomplished remarkable results in both business and marketing.



Graduate From Tabriz University in Computer Since major.


Lunched The first Startup which called Qonqa


Imigrated to the United States of America and Lunched Jarchi


Lunched Uniqop Iranian Online Grocery


Lunched Growces Digital Marketing Agancy


Lunched eenzy Handyman Services Website.


Published "Digital marketing in Simple Words" Book.