Hamed Safari

Biography & Awards

LA Weekly calls him the phoenix of digital marketing.

Hamed Safari is an author, founder of Growces Digital Marketing Agency based in California. He owns some of the popular companies in the US, such as Jarchi, Growces, Uniqop, and eenzy. He has also helped over 100 companies in the United States grow their brand via digital marketing. Having an impressive background in web-based development and outstanding experience in digital marketing, Hamed is one of the very well-known names in the tech world. Many masters of Digital Marketing

The first startup-Qonqa

Hamed safari's reminiscent experiences

Hamed Safari and Reza Kahuli
QONQA Online Taxi

Hamed Safari and Reza Kahuli Qonqa office-2015

Bakutel Expo

Hamed Safari Presents Qonqa in Bakutel - 2016

The Second Generation of QONQA

The launch of the second generation of Qonqa by Vice President of Tabriz City's Parlement-2017

Digital Marketing in Simple Word a book by Hamed Safari

by hamed safari

Digital Marketing in Simple Words

Digital marketing in Simple Words is a handy book by Hamed Safri, a well-known digital marketer, and entrepreneur. He has tried to explain and cover all subjects related to digital marketing from A to Z in literally simple words.


More About Hamed Safari

Hamed Safari is an author, and founder of Growces Digital Marketing Agency. His book “Digital Marketing In Simple Words” is one of the most popular books in the Digital Marketing field, read and honored by masters of Digital Marketing. Many believe Hamed Safari has gained this popularity for his book because he has notably fluent writing. Also, he has used real-world examples of his own projects to explain the subjects. Moreover, some specialists believe that since he has experience in web-based programming, entrepreneurship, and digital marketing, Hamed Safari is the ideal person for explaining and doing digital marketing.

Hamed founded Growces Digital marketing Agency in 2020. Besides Growces, Hamed Safari owns a number of other popular businesses in California, such as Uniqop, eenzy, and Jarchi.

Uniqop is an online grocery store that provides Asian food grocery and is one of the country’s most popular online grocery stores. Uniqop aims to offer high-quality staples to the Asian community in the United States. During the pandemic, Uniqop was a lifesaver for many Asian immigrants.

Jarchi, another famous company run by Hamed Safari, presents a well-known listing application with over 5000 active users. Jarchi is the first start-up of Hamed in the USA that, by its significant success, encouraged him to step into bigger projects.

Outweighing all these companies is Growces, a Digital Marketing company founded and run by Hamed Safari. So far, Hamed and his professional team in Growces has helped over 100 companies to grow their brand in the United States and worldwide. Many people know Hamed as a digital marketer because many brands’ identities and marketing success recall Hamed Safari’s name.

Hamed Safari has also cofounded eenzy, the famous handyman service provider company. eenzy provides useful handyman services through online platforms all over the country. eenzy is also one of the companies that have enjoyed Hamed’s knowledge as a developer, entrepreneur, and digital marketer.

Hamed has an impressive background in web-based programming, which has helped him be the perfect technical manager and digital marketer. Years ago, back in his hometown Tabriz, he was the pioneer entrepreneur who built an Uber clone application called “Qonqa” and successfully launched it in the market. Qonqa was one of the best start-ups in his country and a symbol of perfect management, programming, and marketing, all of which were led by Hamed. The remarkable project successfully achieved over 6000 active drivers in Tabriz metropolitan city in less than three months.

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